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Here are some of our happy customers who achieved their skincare goals with the help of Deep Detox Black Mask. These are 100% genuine results achieved by real people.

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Skin type: Sensitive

I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to many skin care products, especially those containing harsh chemicals. Very picky about the products I use. This works perfectly for me. Love this mask!*

Ang Zhihua, 27, Banker

Skin Type: Normal

"My face glows after one usage. Definitely will purchase again because I can't find anything like this in the market. I like that it makes my skin feel smooth and soft – now I don't have to wear makeup right after using it."*

Xiao Yu, 25, Marketing Executive

Skin Type: Sensitive

"Feels really good! I've tried different brands of clay masks and my skin usually becomes really itchy and dry after. I like that my pores feel cleaner minus the dryness. My skin is glowing and brighter too! A definite must have for my sensitive skin!"*

Angie H, 32, Banking Professional

Skin Type: Acne-prone and Sensitive

"The mask definitely seems to work after just one try! Skin feels brighter and less oily the morning after too! My pimples looked smaller and dryer. Love it!"*

Lynn, 35, Sales & Trading Professional

SkinType: Oily

"My face feels firmer and cleaner after one use! I applied moisturiser and my skin felt much better and smoother!"*

Pei Fen, 34, Marketing Manager

Skin Type: Normal

"I don't really like products that tout to give quick results, but this is real. I noticed brighter complexion. I can tell it cleanses and exfoliates the skin because my skin was softer and smoother after! I also noticed smaller pores and lesser blackheads!"*

Janice, 32, Doctor

Skin Type: Normal

"My pores are significantly smaller after one use and my skin feels matte and smooth too."*

April, 32, Government Officer

Skin Type: Dry and Sensitive

"After washing the mud mask off, my skin is visibly more radiant and fairer. My skin feels softer and tighter, but slightly dry. I applied my usual moisturizer and it felt great. The morning after, pores were slightly smaller. I was surprised by the fast results."*

Jennet Neo, 32, Customer Service

Skin Type: Normal

"My pores are significantly smaller after one use and my skin feels smooth too. Hello to lesser blackheads!"*

Karen Ong, 26, Marketing Executive

Skin Type: Sensitive

"I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to many skin care products. Very picky about the products I use. Black Mask worked perfectly for me. My skin was clearly brighter and clearer, and felt very soft. I didn't have to apply moisturiser after and there were ZERO allergic reactions - thumbs up!"*

Rebecca, 26, Consultant

Skin Type: Sensitive and Combination

"I noticed the reduction in blackheads and smaller pores. My skin felt very smooth and clean after just one application! Would recommend the mask to my friends. "*

Jean Woo, 22, Logistics Executive

Skin Type: Dry and Sensitive

"My skin is pretty good except for slight dryness. So I use this mask weekly or if I'm going out for a big night to maintain clear and poreless skin. It works every time."*

Tess Chia, 32, Communications VP

Skin Type: Oily

"It has a pleasant scent and does improve my complexion after first try. My skin felt cleaner and smoother!"*

Jeannie Woo, 22, Accountant

Skin Type: Combination

"I noticed my skin became more radiant. It is much smoother and firm after the application of the mud mask. Love that the price is reasonable too."*

Ayu, 28, Graphic Designer

Skin Type: Combination

"My skin feels less oily, clean and refreshed after using the mask. Noticed that my blackheads are reduced quite significantly and smaller pores."*

Loo Li Tin, 29, Planner

Skin Type: Dry and Sensitive

"I have very sensitive skin and was initially quite skeptical about the product. I decided to give it a try and no regrets! At first there was a slight tingling sensation, though not painful. After washing off, my face felt so much cleaner and smoother. Best of all, my blackheads are gone!"*

Venus, 22, Design Intern

Skin Type: Combination

"I love how this mask gives my face a clean and refreshed feel! My blackheads are almost all gone after just one use and my pores are much smaller. After using every alternate day, my skin texture gets better and smoother."*

Ang Zhilin, 25, Social Media Manager

Skin Type: Oily

"Never really cared about my skin but now I'm a true convert. My skin feels deeply cleansed and noticeably brighter. My pores are definitely smaller. My blackheads went down quite a bit. Gonna keep up with the usage!"*

Christopher Shem, 38, Architect

Skin Type: Sensitive

"Many products do not suit my skin type. I tested a small area at my chin, and it felt fine. After which, I applied it all over my face and it felt really good! My skin is noticeably firmer and there is a natural glow to my face!"*

Jamie Ng, 22, Student

Skin Type: Oily

"Wow! My skin feels light and prefectly detoxed. My pores seem smaller and overall brighter complexion. Will buy again!"*

Ella Pansacala, 33, Planner

*Result may vary depends on individual


*Result may vary depends on individual